History of japanese Knives
Sakai Takayuki Tokujyo Supreme (White 2 steel) Japanese Chef’s Kamagata-Usuba (Vegetable) 195mm Knife

img by : hocho-knife.com Among the world’s most loved cuisine, Japanese food tops the charts for its delicate flavors and beautiful, social media-friendly aesthetics. However, not only the satisfying tastes, the blends of delicate, yet exotic flavors of sushi and sashimi gather the hearts of diners from different parts of the globe. The intricate process of food preparation, the fine selection of ingredients, and the mastery of the skills of the Japanese knives are what contributes to the gigantic love for Japanese delicacies. What diners now look at, apart from the mouth-watering flavors of fresh Salmon sashimi, is how these dishes are made – the art of cooking, to be […]

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