A Symphony of Steel and Artistry: The Sakai Takayuki 45-Layer Damascus Buffalo Tsuba Series

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The Sakai Takayuki 45-Layer Damascus Buffalo Tsuba series is a remarkable collection of Japanese knives that exemplify both the artistry and tradition of Sakai, a city renowned for its centuries-old history of cutlery and sword-making.

Features of the Sakai Takayuki 45-Layer Damascus Buffalo Tsuba Series

Material and Construction

The knives are crafted from 45 layers of Damascus stainless steel with an AUS10 alloy core. AUS10 steel is known for its high carbon content (approximately 1.05%), which makes the knives incredibly hard and easy to sharpen. Additional elements like nickel, manganese, silicon, chrome, molybdenum, and vanadium are incorporated to enhance elasticity, ductility, and rust resistance, while maintaining sharpness and durability.

Knife Types and Dimensions

This series includes various types of knives such as Gyuto (Chef’s Knife), Santoku, Sujihiki (Slicer), and Petty (Utility). Blade lengths vary, with options like 210mm for Gyuto knives, offering a balance between precision and versatility.


The handles are made of Half Rounded Octagonal Ho Wood (Magnolia) with a Buffalo Horn Ferrule. This design not only adds to the aesthetic beauty of the knives but also ensures a comfortable grip for professional use.

Edge and Sharpness

Each knife is double-beveled and hand-sharpened to achieve maximum sharpness right out of the box. The edge retention of these knives is noteworthy, making them suitable for both professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts.

Balance and Weight

These knives are designed for a light center-balanced feel, which facilitates ease of use and precision in cutting.

The Sakai Takayuki 45-Layer Damascus Buffalo Tsuba series is a testament to the skill and craftsmanship of Japanese knife-making, offering a blend of traditional techniques and modern materials. These knives are not only functional culinary tools but also works of art, reflecting the rich heritage of Sakai’s blade crafting history.