Sakai Takayuki Honyaki Water Quench Aogami 2 Steel

Sakai Takayuki Honyaki Water Quench Aogami 2 Steel

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Japanese cuisine is well known and famed for its intricacy – the delicacy poured into each and every culinary art piece. Subtle flavors blend along with the exotic scents raw ingredients emit as professionals draw long, narrow lines of slices, cutting through a luxurious piece of fish into various, thin and perfect slices. The extraordinary aesthetics Japanese cuisine offers makes it among the world’s top most-loved food worldwide. However, apart from its mouth-watering aesthetics as seen in vivid colored ingredients lined with elegant sprinkles of Caviar, the mastery of the blades and the techniques required to craft these fantastic dishes are to never be over looked.

Japanese chefs and professionals in the culinary industry highly value the importance of Japanese knives

The blades that do most of the work especially when it comes to dishes like sushi, sashimi, and nigiri. As these dishes require intricate, yet swift and accurate slices, chops, and cuts of just the right proportions of ingredients essential to craft signature menus and specific dishes, Japanese cuisine is loved by diners from all parts of the world for its complicated processes seen as passionate dedication to ideals. Japanese blades are forged with specialties to support the crafting of various dishes, be it sushi, sashimi, nigiri, or maki. Japanese knives are as well categorized to ensure that chefs will be able to use them comfortably according to the dishes they plan to make.

General Japanese knife types include: Santoku, Gyuto, Honyaki, Deba, Bunka, Nakiri, and Sujihiki knives. Some knives are especially made for beef or meat cutting, like Gyuto; however, nowadays Gyuto is also considered a multi-purpose knife or a general kitchen knife that can be used in many ways with different ingredients and not limited to only beef. The Nakiri knife is known as a veggie-loving knife, which does it job well slicing, chopping, and cutting vegetables of all kinds. As varying knife types differ in material, function, and efficiency, it is best to select just the right knife series to perform exactly what you have in mind.

The Honyaki Water Quench

Sakai Takayuki is among Japan’s top quality knife brands with a history of over 600 years. Highly skilled blacksmiths working at Sakai Takayuki have always been forging top-tier quality blades for so long, up until today, with true dedication and passion to reach their ideals of perfect blades. Among Sakai Takayuki’s knives, the Honyaki Water Quench Aogami 2 Steel knife is a perfect knife model for professional use. As the Aoko or the so-called Blue Paper Aogami No.2 steel knife is crafted out of the Yasugi steel, this model guarantees the highest durability with efficiency, as Yusagi is considered a prime high carbon steel. Sakai Takayuki Honyaki Water Quench Aogami 2 Steel knife is also a product of handcrafting – as Honyaki knives cannot be mass-produced, each Honyaki knife is to be hand-crafted one by one.

Therefore, Japanese chefs and professionals who are willing to upgrade their skills or learn much higher leveled techniques would find this water quench a true companion to guide their journey. These Honyaki knives are primarily forged especially for professional use, so they are not very much suitable for beginners or novices. Its elegant, yet simple Ebony wood handle is shaped into an octagonal figure that enables better utilization grip and a more comfortable hand posture while usage. Although this water quench series of knives are available in many knife types, the Sakai Takayuki Honyaki Water Quench Aogami 2 Steel knife is definitely one of the special Honyaki knife series with great features worth collecting.