Sakai Takayuki 33-Layer VG10 Damascus Urushi

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Japan is best known for its world-class cuisine – the elegant pieces of sushi decorated with vivid orange colored Caviar and seaweed sides. The authenticity and traditional vibes Japanese dishes offer to its diners made it among the world’s most loved and desired dishes of all time.

When it comes to the crafting of Japanese cuisine, specifically intricate pieces of ‘Sashimi’ or ‘Nigiri’, Japanese chefs not only require the skills learned to craft unique, culinary art pieces but also the great understanding of all components that make up a perfect blend of all quality ingredients. As each little detail can mark the changes in flavor, scent, and texture, Japanese cuisine requires patience, a great deal of understanding in the selection of ingredients, proper handling of all processes, and caring for all equipment in the kitchen.

As much as everyone cares for the flavors and the satisfaction coming from that, Japanese sushi chefs care a great deal for their tools and equipment. Japanese knives are highly essential and important for all processes in crafting authentic, delicious Japanese dishes, specifically sushi. To make an amazingly delicious tasting sushi, Japanese chefs are required to go through harsh training sessions in order to learn the techniques needed to master and utilize the blades. Making clean-cut sushi slices, perfectly proportional cuts and cubes of veggies, and even thin layers of Salmon require the mastery of the blades to make just the right movements. As most Japanese dishes are more inclined towards delicacy than exoticness, the scents and flavors are greatly affected and influenced by the choice of ingredients and how the blade handles them. Therefore, the heart of Japanese cuisine is no other than the mastery of the ‘blades’- what a Samurai needs to fire up his passions.

Sakai Takayuki, Japan’s Top Quality Knife Brand

The cities of Japan excel in the crafting of quality culinary equipment, specifically in the crafting of fine blades used to make Japanese cuisine. Among those cities, Sakai is one filled with passionate blacksmiths and craftsmen who have been, for generations, highly skilled at making fine quality culinary equipment. Sakai Takayuki, with its origins coming from the city of Sakai, is a top-tier Japanese knife brand which provides users with a wide variety of high quality knife selections and culinary equipment. Sakai Takayuki forges high-end quality knives with specialty in the performance of swift movements, perfect chops, and quality cuts. Among Sakai Takayuki’s fine quality knives, Sakai Takayuki 33-Layer VG10 Damascus Urushi is just the right model to craft delicious sushi pieces even when utilized by a novice.

Sakai Takayuki 33-Layer VG10 Damascus Urushi is a knife forged by professional blacksmiths working at Sakai Takayuki. However, its specialty and uniqueness lies in its extreme hardness and fine material. Its 33 layer VG10 Damascus steel made it one of the top Sakai Takayuki knife models suitable for all professional uses. These knives equip the extreme hardness we all need to ensure the durability required, and has a wonderfully great edge retention that comes along with an extremely light center balance – making it simpler to use and grip than other knives.
Sakai Takayuki 33-Layer VG10 Damascus Urushi’s half rounded octagonal oak wood dyed Japanese lacquered Urushi handle also made it among the top most beautifully made Sakai Takayuki knives worth collecting, as it recalls the traditional shades and scents of Japan. Offered in various lengths, professionals can choose their perfect blades according to the intended usage and see which model provides the best comfort. Sakai Takayuki 33-Layer VG10 Damascus Urushi also comes in a variety of knife categories to choose from, for instance: Gyuto, Kengata, Santoku, or Nakiri.